Heritage Services

We are passionate about older buildings preservation and  offer Heritage building services that help maintain your older house in good condition

Our services include;

It is now known that much damage has been caused by the use of cement based mortar for repointing older houses that have been built with lime mortar. The cement pointing is much harder than the lime pointing and brick or stone and this causes damage through freezing of trapped water. It can also be the cause of damp problems in walls.

We match your original lime and carefully take out the cement pointing and replace it with lime mortar that allows moisture the diffuse out of the building.


Sash windows are a beautiful architectural feature and it often makes more sense to repair and draft proof them than to take them out and replace with PVC or even timber windows.

We can repairs your windows and sashes and can rejuvenate them by stripping paint and putty and re-painting and re-bedding glass in putty, replacing brass runners, re-cord them and install draft proof strips to stop rattling and reduce drafts. We can even put in slimline double glazing units.


Rather than replacing your timber windows with expensive (and sometimes not viaually appropriate) PVC windows, consider repairing them to give them a new leavese of life. This is cost effective and will give your windows another 1- – 15 years of life.

We offer a service of repairing timber windows by cutting out the rot, stabilising the remaining timber and then replacing with new timber bedded in proven two part resins. Resins approved for use in National trust properties. We apply a primer coat and the window is ready for a new coat of paint.